Forbes Family Group understand that shared knowledge and narrative are powerful tools of inspiration and motivation.

At the core of our endeavours, that is what we hope to do, share information, networks and give platform to successful individuals, creating a community of support, collaboration and celebration amongst ourselves.

We know that representation matters most when it inspires and informs. Representation has the power to be the inspiration or validation to another person’s journey to success. In sharing the incredible professional journey and success of our Chairman, Dean Forbes, and the subsequent response our community, we recognised a need for more narratives around professional successes, experiences, insights and told authentically. Our aim is to be a leading conduit of incredible stories of success from a diverse group of leaders, changemakers and business titans. We deliver this through our content platform, CapTable.

Cap Table Multi-Channel Media Platform

Cap Table is a business first ‘infotainment’ multi-channel media platform of uniquely curated content. Here we showcase narratives, insights and advice from diverse and innovative business Leaders, industry experts and senior consultants. Representing them authentically and highlighting their professional achievements, challenges and the lessons they have to share.

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