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Forbes Family Group

Forbes Family Group (FFG) is an organisation dedicated to active capital and small business investments, mentor and career development opportunities for social disadvantaged and marginalised individuals and the enrichment of disenfranchised communities.

We believe that with the right networks, support, investment, and collaboration we can help individuals and organisations to thrive.

Our aim is to have a tangible impact on those we interactive with and take a prominent role in driving positive social mobility from the communities that we serve.

Dean Forbes – Co-Founder and Chairman

Dean is one of the UK’s most unusual and successful business leaders.

Over a 17 year career Dean has gone from homelessness to become one of the Uk’s top 50 business leaders according to the LDC and Telegraph and one the best regarded executives on the European enterprise technology scene.

Our Networks

Project 10

Project 10 is a new programme designed to get ten young people every year ready for work.

Radar Management

Radar is driving the careers of UK CEOs as they chart their own professional growth course.

FFG Investments

FFG Investments aims to create and share investment opportunities with individuals of all financial and social standings through a unique network and pooling approach.

Levelling the playing field for the UK’s under-served communities.

If you’d like more information about Project 10, our mentorship schemes or our FFG Investments portfolio, please contact us using the form provided.

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