Filling a support and management gap centred on aspiring executives.

Filling a support and management gap centred on aspiring executives.

Radar Management

We believe that mentorship is critical at every level of business, providing that it is tailored for the individual and mindful of their experience and their goals. Everyone can benefit from this, whatever their altitude.

How many people are really making the most of their opportunities at senior level? That is the key question at the heart of Radar Management’s mentorship programme.

Radar Management coaches everyone from self-starting entrepreneurs looking to develop their leadership skills and newly appointed CEOs focussed on quick progression, through to experienced senior executives negotiating multi-million pound deals.

Dean Forbes established Radar Management to fill a support and mentorship gap tailored for aspiring senior executives.  Dean learned from his own experience as a CEO that it is often a lonely and poorly supported role.

His desire is to fill the gap and see others excel in what is a difficult and challenging role.

Radar is focussed on managing and driving careers of UK CEOs as they chart their own career and achievement trajectories.

Radar’s model is a proactive and results driven system similar to that of a sports agent supporting an athlete; advising, counselling and guiding them through career decisions and business needs.

Radar covers all areas from deal and equity negotiations, fundraising, talent management and retention, strategy development and network expansion through to mergers and acquisitions.  Designed to give senior managers and executives the tools they need to thrive in modern business environments, Radar’s ideology is based around a single core idea – that for all the power of technology in our lives, there is no substitute for guidance from real and successful peers.  We truly believe that mentorship is critical at every level of business, provided it is tailored to the individual.

Radar is quickly becoming the enabling agent and business friend of the modern tech CEO and is expanding to those in other sectors too, enabling them to maximise their opportunities by adopting a smarter approach to their working lives.

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Other Networks

Project 10

Project 10 is a new programme designed to get ten young people every year ready for work.

FFG Investments

FFG Investments aims to create and share investment opportunities with individuals of all financial and social standings through a unique network and pooling approach.

Latest News

July 28, 2021

Forbes Family Group Acquire Minority Stake In ‘Our Game’

Forbes Family Group (FFG) today secured a sizeable minority position in "Our Game" the UKs leading provider of products and support services for the thriving semi professional and recreational athlete community. The investment will be made from FFG’s new ‘Ace Fund’ and is against an Our Game pre money valuation of £1,000,000. Dean Forbes, FFG Chairman will take up a formal seat on the board of directors having previously served as an ‘Advisor’ to the company.

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July 28, 2021

How it all started: Our Game

Today, we know Francis Duku as the owner and CEO of Our Game, an organisation that is dedicated to providing effective support to, and addressing the gaps in the semi-professional and amateur game. What a lot of people don't know is that the concept of Our Game goes all the way back to Francis Duku's years as a football player for Gravesend. 

In a pre-season fixture for Gravesend, Francis Duku broke his ankle attempting an overhead kick. This misfortune put an end to his childhood dream of playing professional football, but proved to be the inspiration behind his plans to revolutionise the game for many others.

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June 4, 2021

Forbes Family Group & Ten Em Bee Sponsorship Announcement

Forbes Family Group are delighted to announce that they have entered into a two-year partnership agreement making them Ten Em Bee’s main sponsor and social responsibility partner.

Ten Em Bee, a long-standing community centre and football club based in the London Borough of Lewisham has long provided a place for young boys and girls from the surrounding areas a safe and progressive place to come and play football, alongside other activities. The club has lifted and elevated over 10,000 young people since being established in 1975.

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Levelling the playing field for the UK’s under-served communities.

If you’d like more information about Project 10, our mentorship schemes or our FFG Investments portfolio, please contact us using the form provided.

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