‘Project 10’ is a programme designed to get ten young people every year ready for work.

‘Project 10’ is a programme designed to get ten young people every year ready for work.

Project 10

Many young people in the UK leave school with a good education and full of aspirations, but without the tools they need to really fulfil their potential. Project 10 aims to provide real world support, techniques and networks to assist them in achieving their career goals.

With so many young people leaving school and colleges with qualifications and no direction, Project 10 is a programme designed to focus minds, create a strategy and implement a plan to put a selection of committed and determined young people on the right path to achieve their potential and ready them for work.

Based on the principles that our CEO & Founder, Dean Forbes has adopted all his working life, it is a programme that delivers proven results – a programme open to applicants from any social, cultural or educational background.

Project 10’s selection process has been designed to find determined candidates with real commitment and work ethic.

It focuses on some very simple ideas that make a real difference to success, while also giving applicants experience of working with commercial organisations, as well as access to placements within sectors of their own choosing. 

The result is a programme that broadens young peoples’ horizons and equips them with essential tools to ensure success – a rarity in existing mentoring schemes, but the ‘new norm’ of Project 10.

Contact us for full details of our what our programme entails, our terms and application process.

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September 15, 2020

Lloyds Bank National Business Awards have nominated Dean for ‘The Inflexion Entrepreneur of the Year Award’

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September 13, 2020

We Are Looking For A Production Assistant

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Levelling the playing field for the UK’s under-served communities.

If you’d like more information about Project 10, our mentorship schemes or our FFG Investments portfolio, please contact us using the form provided.

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