Sharon is an experienced executive mentor

Sharon welcomes approaches from business leaders and senior HR professionals seeking practical guidance and mentoring on all aspects of people-led change and transformation.

Do connect with Sharon to discuss your strategic people-oriented initiatives. Sharon is especially able to guide you if you are:

  • A business leader driving a significant and complex business transformation, organisational restructuring or cultural integration.
  • A senior HR professional eager to demonstrate to your executive board how HR can be the instrumental enabler of strategic change and impact to the business.
  •  Dean Forbes
    “Sharon perfectly balances her strategic outlook with a human touch. That means we can truly leverage the value created every day by our people. Our company today is a world away from the one I joined a couple years back. We’re more collaborative, we work smarter, and we all know our role in contributing to business objectives.”
    Dean Forbes
    Core HR
  • Thierry Couillaud
    The positive and objective impacts of Sharon’s thought leadership has resulted in significant material consequence for the businesses she’s supported. Her achievements and leadership are endorsed at the highest levels as delivering monumental impacts in effecting organisational change. Her contributions to thought leadership in the HR space deserve the highest recognitions.
    Thierry Couillaud
    VP Human Resources
  • Brian Martin
    My engagements with Sharon as a Consulting HR strategist, span across a number of years in cases of highly complex transformation and restructuring projects. I required a level of HR expertise which did not exist internally. I relied heavily on Sharon as my ‘navigator’ in defining the HR strategies in situations of high impact to our people and our teams. She has a unique talent, which proves and amplifies the immeasurable value of HR with the right leader in the HR seat.
    Brian Martin
    Former CEO Shanakiel and Mater Hospitals, Cork

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