FFG is all about investing. Investing our time and energy into our communities and individuals who are trying to succeed and need support to do so.

Focusing primarily on those from socially disadvantaged communities who sometimes struggle to secure investment. FFG is uniquely positioned to be able to give these businesses the boost they need to succeed.

Davina Forbes-Williamson
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We are a unique investment firm focussed on providing financial, business, operational and marketing support along with opportunities to pitch to wider investment groups and receive invaluable insight and advice from some of the best in the venture capitalist business.
Current Investments
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Jo Knows Food

Jo Holmes, Founder of Jo Knows Food, started her business in 2020 and became a rare success story of lockdown. Her passion for cooking, incredible food and excellent service gained her a powerhouse investor in Forbes Family Group, who have since supported her and helped her business grow.

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Our Game Football

Our Game Football is a membership service created to provide elite levels of support to players and clubs throughout all levels of the UK football system.

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Foxberry London

Foxberry focuses on functional and fashionable yet comfortable pieces that blends the champagne bubbly streets with the underground of this city to deliver a 'Classically Cool' streetwear collection built to last using premium quality fabrics.

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